Becoming the divine feminine

Are you tired of drama within your relationships? Do you feel that you are living your full purpose? Are you using your voice to declare what you want out of this life? Do feel limited or “stuck” in your career or profession? How often do you feel obligated within your relationships? Have you had the sneaking suspicion that there is more in this life for you? If any of these questions have crossed your mind…you have come to the right place.  I want to share with you a vision I have for women who are fully in their own power and I call it the divine feminine.

The divine feminine nurtures and nourishes to release beauty into the world. She no longer desires to become “dependent” or hold on to others out of fear.  The divine feminine sees that we are each uniquely beautiful and support each other in our own paths. The divine feminine are creators of all types; artists, business women, scientists, healers, mothers, lovers and medicine women. Divine feminine women are present for each others’ healing, yet honor the individual journey of others. This means that we give each other the space to be explorers of the new, and we carry our community (home) with us wherever we are exploring. Instead of being home tending to the hearth fire we now tend to the fire in our hearts and warm others from that space. Divine feminine women are courageous enough to sit with the feelings that will come up and explore the beliefs that cause separation. They acknowledge fear and emotional “stuckness” and move through it in a courageous fashion.  She is always inherently testing out the promise, that we are connected and well-loved. The divine feminine offers freedom, by way, of acknowledging that we will not always been physically present with each other but in spirit we are together.  The divine feminine knows the beauty of abundance.  She knows that there is enough love, support, joy and connection available to her at any time. There is no lack.  The divine feminine believes that her relationship with herself and Source is the primary and most important relationship. She looks inward before looking outward.  She is her own mate first, so that she may give from the overflow. Divine feminine share our unique stories and find commonalities to reconnect ourselves.  The divine feminine seeks to bring non-judgment, compassion, understanding and love to our relationships. All the while speaking her mind and heart with strong assertiveness. Divine feminine women “ease up” on each other and fill rooms with laughter.  She realizes that in joy and humor, we are more powerful to each other than being in seriousness and competition. The divine feminine forgives herself for ever thinking less of herself.  She offers an experience and an open space for us to be ourselves fully and unapologetically.    The divine feminine teaches others how to treat her, by the way, she treats herself.  The divine feminine celebrates our individual successes and elevates from a space of abundance. The divine feminine is free and claims her power.  

The Divine Feminine


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