Being Love: Cultivating Inner Abundance & Joy ©

Coming in 2023!

Have you ever wondered about any of the following: What does it truly mean to love myself? Is loving myself selfish? Must I love myself to find a mate/partner? Why can’t I ever breakthrough and get ahead? Being Love: Cultivating Inner Abundance & Joy© is a book about learning how to love self and create a life of abundance and joy.
The foundation of Being Love: Cultivating Inner Abundance & Joy© is learning that everything starts with Self. The relationship with ourselves is the foundation for aspects of our life. It is about our internal dialogue, thoughts, feeling and behaviors in the world. Ms. Wright used her personal journey as a guide through the situations and circumstances of her life. Ms. Wright went from leaving an abusive relationship with a 3-month old baby, losing her house through foreclosure, being homeless and losing her two biggest champions to becoming an executive leader, creating stronger relationships, starting a business and being a community leader. All of this occurred during the writing of this book. This book was her thriving guide and through living it, Ms. Wright learned that she could create her world based on what she desired to occur versus being a passive passenger in life.
The first part of this book defines Love of Self, as that is the basis for all else. This part focuses on how to stay in alignment with all the aspects of self- mind, body and soul in order to create a joyful life. Ever the teacher, Ms. Wright gives examples, home-play activities and shares research to support what she discovered. The second part of this book discusses how to remain in alignment with Self while being in relationship with others. This book focuses on all types of relationships, as we are relational beings, so if you are interested in improving any relationship in your life, this is book is for you. Join us for this entertaining yet practical journey in learning how to live life as your full authentic self. Are you ready to love, you?

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