Description of the Group

The Healing and Reclamation Group is focused on individual reclamation of our authentic selves, apart from societal and familial conditioning. Often, people who have been marginalized due to ethnic, racial, gender or relational status, they have been told that healing happens individually. Yet we know that through community, shared experiences, and opportunities for connection we can strengthen and support our individual growth. My (Ellen’s) overall intention for the group is to create a safe space for individual and community healing.

During this group we will participate in activities that support indigenous and cultural healing of collective trauma. We will participate in several bilateral stimulation activities which support healing such as: drumming, intentional movement, stretches, breathwork, art and writing activities.  Each of these activities are designed to find commonalities with others and peace within self.

General purpose of the group and a word on sharing-

Everything we do is based on choice, safety, and readiness.  The group is designed to teach skills, cultivate community and while experiencing our shared humanity with others who have experienced academic, institutional, interpersonal/familial, interpersonal/community and cultural/collective trauma.  This group will support your individual work, but your level of sharing is your choice and what you would like to share with others will be respected.

What will be the basic agenda? (Times are approximate)

  1. Welcome/ ‘Āina (Land)/People Acknowledgement/Mindfulness or Grounding Exercise or Hawaiian Oli “E Ho Mai”
  2. Rhythmic Opener (15-20 minutes) – Body Centered Activity:  drumming, Emotional Freedom Technique, intentional breathwork and free movement activities.
  3. Topic of discussion (15-20 minutes)
  4. Sharing & Reactions (30 minutes)
  5. Cultivating, Containing and Closing (10 minutes)