Life Guidance & Support & Therapy

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you talk to me before our first session? Yes, before any client starts with a session, I do ask for us to have a courtesy introduction call to assess if we have a good “fit.” Calls are no longer than 15 minutes.

Will our sessions be private and confidential if they are online?

Yes, I use a website that is specifically designed for online therapy and supportive purposes. For more information about confidentially and protecting your patient information- please go to the following page: https://www.virtualtherapistnetwork.com/online-therapy-faq/

What is Confidential?

Mostly everything in our session. There is one exception to the rule. I am a mandated reporter in any state, so there are limits to my confidentially when it comes to an individual if they are in danger of hurting self, hurting others or threatening to hurt self/others. Hurting is defined as abuse, neglect, suicide, suicidal ideation, threats of homicide or homicidal ideation.

Are there Clients that you will not work with?

Yes, if I deem that longer term therapy or therapeutic services are necessary- I will suggest to the client to find a licensed therapist in their area. If I feel that you are better served by another clinician, I will also refer you to other providers.

We might be a fit if…

You are close or have made a decision to improve your life. You have a sense of humor regarding life. You are ready to act on your dream/desire. You feel stuck with trying to gain clarity. You feel stressed or overwhelmed. You want to be responsible for your life. You have gone through a major transition and feel lost. You are open to new ideas. You can take “no” for an answer.

We might not be a fit if…

You believe that it’s someone else’s responsibility to fix your life situation. You only want strategies (time management, increased productivity at work, financial management, etc). You are currently suicidal or homicidal. You are a “right fighter” and shoot down all new ideas in order to be right. You are unsure about whether you really want to “do” anything about you dreams or desires.

How important is diversity to you?

Very important. I intend to be non-judgmental and open to various lifestyles. That said, it is important to note that I believe that you are the best person to determine what is best for you. Though I am a mental health professional, I do not want others to seek my approval for their lives. I will not give you my “personal” opinion on your determination of life. My job is to point out features on the path you have chosen, not to judge your path. If there is a subject that is outside of my professional comfort zone then I will kindly suggest that we may not be a fit for services. Examples of subjects that do not fit with my personality- racism, sexism, hate speech, discrimination, violence towards others or self. I will also not share my political views or engage in discussion about politics.

Are you an “airy fairy” or “tough love” professional?

No, I’m neither. I believe in the value of traditional and non-traditional practices. I believe that the whole person should be addressed during life coaching. Mind, Body, Spirt and Emotional Body. Yet, I’m not going to “push” you into meditation or yoga. I may say something that is intended to get you to consider a different way of looking at something, but ultimately, I respect that you know what is best for your life. I am a blend of non-directive (asking questions and leading you to your own answers) and directive (giving you tangible actions steps to take).

Who is your ideal client?

Someone who is ready for a change in their life! Maybe this person is “sick and tired of being sick and tired” of the challenge(s) they have been having in life. This person may be feeling stuck or overwhelmed and want to see their life from a broader perspective. This client would be on time, adhere to the stated coaching boundaries, actively participate in the process and would have at least one goal or subject area that they would like to work on in session. Someone who is open to other ideas and ready to try something new.

How long are your life guidance or therapy sessions?

Each session is I offer three different session times- 30 mins, 60 minutes and 90 minutes. Longer sessions are for those who can meet less frequently or who need the time to allow for an activity that will help you achieve your goals. I include this time in the session to allow for you to “strike while the iron is hot.” What you put into the individuals sessions is what you will get out of them, so I like to use our time well.

Do sessions generally go “overtime” and can I book two sessions in a row?

Sessions do not go “overtime.” Time is important to me and often it is limited for myself and my clients. If something needs to be discussed further, we will talk about it next session. Two sessions can be scheduled back to back, but are not guaranteed unless given notice ahead of the scheduled session.

When do I pay for the scheduled session?

At the time you set up the appointment or sessions.

What if I cancel or miss my scheduled session?

My cancellation policy is 24 hours in advance of the scheduled session time. So, if your session is at 12 noon eastern standard time and you cancel at 10 a.m. the same day, you will be subject to pay the full amount without a refund. If you miss an appointment you will not be subject to a refund. If you reschedule three (3) times in the course of Life Coaching, you forfeit your total coaching fee.

What if YOU (Ellen) miss or cancel a scheduled session?

Your money will be refunded fully within 24 hours of the missed or cancelled session.

What if there are technical difficulties with the online network?

We will attempt to meet by phone or another video conferencing software, whichever is easiest.