April Workshops Coming Soon!

I’m excited to announce I will be offering two different workshops in April! More details to come! The ROAR Workshop #1- “Values, Preferences & Boundaries- Oh my!” Participants will focus on defining personal values, preferences and boundaries. 90-minute workshop *Note: The ROAR Workshops are a series of workshops for personal development, self-discovery, and cultivating positive … More April Workshops Coming Soon!

Time to Fly

E. Wright Counseling & Consulting, LLC. Established in Hawai’i 2022/ Established in Virginia 2016 How does a young bird know when to step out of the nest and fly? Well, the answer is in the preparation. They are nourished. They flap their wings to build their muscles. They stand and let the wind course through … More Time to Fly

It’s Time…

It’s time to return to love. To be love fully. To choose a higher level of consciousness. It’s time to thrive. It’s time to create environments of peace. It’s time to extend kindness and compassion. It’s time to give generous portions of grace. It’s time to support and boost others. It’s time to support and … More It’s Time…


Hello! I hope you enjoy going through my website.  Want to know who I am?  Go to the About Ellen tab. Want to know my expertise and experience? Click on my Curriculum Vitae. Want to know what services I provide? Select Seminars & Workshops. Want to know what others think about my services? Try out … More Welcome!