When will the group be held:

The group will be held on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month.

What if I can’t come to the first group? Can I come to the second?

You will be missed, if you have been invited, you are welcome to attend at any time.  I will always send the agenda out for the group the Wednesday or Thursday before the group session so you will know what we are doing or what you may miss.

Will my identity and personal history be shared in the group? What if I don’t look like I’m BIPOC and/or LGBTQIA or a member of a traditionally marginalized group?

That is fine! Your level of sharing about your personal identity and history is up to you. Everyone is the group is accepted for who they are and who they show up as in the group. We all have different and complementary experiences. Far more emphasis will be placed on shared human experiences of pain and healing.

Is it an Open Group? Can anyone come? How safe will I be sharing and coming?

The group will be an open by invitation group. That means, we will start with a group of people and as a community, people can decide whether they would regularly like to participate or would like to come when they are able. Everyone Ellen has asked to be apart of the group, I feel would be a great addition to the group and share basic commonalities.  Also, new members will be vetted by Ellen prior to joining the group in the future.

Is there a fee for the group?

For HMSA insurance holders, no, your insurance will be billed. That is why I need to have an accurate count for who will be attending each time. For new group members who do not work with Ellen, they will be asked to sign consent and pay a fee each session.

What will be the basic agenda? (Times are approximate)

  1. Welcome/ ‘Āina (Land)/People Acknowledgement/Mindfulness or Grounding Exercise or Hawaiian Oli “E Ho Mai”
  2. Rhythmic Opener (15-20 minutes) – Body Centered Activity:  drumming, Emotional Freedom Technique, intentional breathwork and free movement activities.
  3. Topic of discussion (15-20 minutes)
  4. Sharing & Reactions (30 minutes)
  5. Cultivating, Containing and Closing (10 minutes)

Place, Space and Privacy-

You will need to bring a blanket or beach chair with you to the group. Please also bring any comfort items you would like too. That could include, water bottle, blanket, jacket, tissues, mints, oils- whatever helps you feel comfortable. The group will be held outside in a park area in a residential area. The privacy is limited, as we will be in a space that other people may walk through. Care will be taken to create a circle and a safe space for the group and our first group we will talk about group norms and values.

Remember to bring:

  • Beach chair.
  • Personal comfort items.
  • Yourself.