Set your 2020 Vision

Everyone has a vision. What is yours?
It’s 2020 and I am so pleased to share with you a course that will help you uncover or refine the vision you have within. Maybe you’ve been afraid, procrastinated, had negative self talk or simply do not believe you are worthy to live each day with ease, joy and excitemen. That time has ended. The vision that you have within you is amazing and I have found that each of us have the ability to create the life that we so desire.

On this day, many people are setting resolutions, planning for the coming months and trying to figure out how to become “better.” Yet, I challenge that you are complete, worthy and wonderful. You have the answers for living your grandest and greatest vision of your life. This course seeks to give you the opportunity identify, clarify and personify your passion(s). It may be one habit you are interested in shifting or a whole new life direction. Are you ready to go deeper within your self? Are you ready to build upon what you already know? Join me for a fun 3 part journey in discovering ways you can thrive instead of survive. – Ellen

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