What is your word for 2020?

I’ve seen this question multiple times and at first, I was irritated by it. I’m not a huge fan of the “new year, new me” and resolution proclamations that are common around this time of the year. I feel like expansion and realization is always occurring and the time is always….now. However, I am a fan of words. I know that words have power and energy connected to them. So I have chosen a word. There is a west African tradition of whispering the name of a child in their ear when they are born, this is done so that the child knows who they are before the world knows. In this same fashion, I shall whisper my word to the new year at the time of its arrival. Words have commanding power. I challenge you to discover and set your word for the coming year.
#beinglove #love #joy #abundance #appreciation #oahu #words #abracadabra #AndSoItIs

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