Trauma Seminars & Workshops

Individual Workshops

12745399_10209187225178109_8537920250006493099_nIndividual workshops are 90 minute in duration and will be held at your site.  Workshops can be purchased individually but it strongly encouraged to start with a seminar and select individual workshops afterwards that best fit your organizational mission and purpose.  Ms. Wright can also create a tailored workshop based on the needs and interests of your organization.

List of Workshops

Trauma Informed Classroom Management Strategies Participants will receive an overview of trauma reactions and learn strategies that they can utilize immediately at their organization.  

  • Learn about the principles of Trauma Informed Care
  • Review triggers
  • Explain behavioral reactions to trauma in elementary school children
  • Introduce & detail Ellen’s 7 TIC classroom management strategies

Holding the Space:  Wellness Strategies for Helping Professionals Impacted by Trauma

Participants will…

  • Identify definitions & key issues for the purpose of better understanding secondary traumatic stress.
    • Definition of Trauma
    • Overview of PTSD
    • Constellation of occupational stressors
  • Discuss and determine behavioral signs related to burnout, compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma.
  • Identify and demonstrate personal, peer and organizational strategies for working with traumatic stressors.

It’s a Brain Thing:  Neurobiology and Trauma

This training is to assist professionals in understanding and addressing the neurobiological effects of trauma.

  • Basic brain structure and the role of neurotransmitters
  • Stress and the brain’s response
  • Neurobiological changes in children and adolescents experiencing trauma
  • Strategies to address neurobiological effects of trauma

Parenting ToolKit: Practices for engaging families and building relationships

As social service agencies, often feel the stress of families who are “uncooperative” or “resistant” to services.  This workshop focuses on how to better understand and offer services to families who are disengaged or appear uninterested services.

  • Review of Trauma Informed Care Principles
  • Identify key barriers of engagement with parents
  • Overview of Intergenerational/Historical Trauma
  • Toolkit overview and discussion

Heavy is the Burden – Navigating the Impact of Domestic Violence on Children

  • Review trauma based reactions 
  • Review the cycle of violence and how it relates domestic violence behavioral reactions.
  • Exercise your working understanding of trauma-based reactions to domestic violence.
  • Become familiar with trauma informed strategies for domestic violence
  • Connect with resources in our community.

Using Body Centered Practices in Counseling and Social Services

Participants will learn how to use non-traditional/body centered practices for trauma resilience

  • How the body is effected by trauma
  • Review body centered practices
  • Learn how yoga can be used to heal trauma and promote resilience
  • Participate in yoga positions to increase emotional regulation

Implementing Positive Behavioral Supports with the General Education Classroom 

Participants will learn new ways to shape behavior using positive behavioral interventions within the classroom to ensure student engagement and success.  Participants will learn how to shift from “clip charts” and “color charts” to more effective behavioral interventions.

  • Discuss  the current use of clip an color charts within the classroom
  • Engage in interactive activities to determine use and effectiveness of clip and color charts
  • Learn new behavioral interventions to assist in classroom management of challenging behaviors.

Connections Activities and Group facilitation 

Participants will interact with each other with experiential activities to get to know each other, to facilitate greater communication and connections within staff groups.  Ellen leads or co-leads staff training and staff meetings, to provide a space for administrators to participate in group team building activities.

Seminar Programs

Each Seminar is 3.5- 4 hours and will be held at your site. The seminar includes instruction, hands on activities and opportunities for discussion.

Seminar Program I- This is an introductory seminar designed for schools, daycare centers and organizations serving children in an educational/recreational setting.  This program includes two individual workshops – Trauma Informed Classroom Management Strategies & Holding Space: Wellness Strategies for Helping Professionals Impacted by Trauma.

Seminar Program II- This as an advanced seminar for schools, daycare centers and organizations serving children in an educational/recreational setting who have completed Seminar Program I. This program includes: Two workshops of your own selection to suit the needs of your organization.

Seminar Program III- This is an introductory seminar for those organizations who wish to become more trauma informed but are not serving children/adolescents in an educational capacity.  This program includes: Two workshops of your own selection to suit the needs of your organization.



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