Creating Community

Ellen S. Wright, August 7, 2022

Now is the time for higher consciousness environments! If the last two years have taught us nothing, it has shown us what we truly desire versus what we were conditioned to believe we desired. Spaces of love, community, connection, shared humanity, mutuality, belonging, inclusion, diversity and compassion are now rising! Many of us are awakening to the fact that a lot of the conditioning that we have been brought up believing is simply untrue. We can live abundantly in connection and collaboration with others and THRIVE! We don’t have to compete or push our way to the top. We don’t have to hoard resources for everyone to have enough. We don’t have to be unkind for us to experience more kindness. We don’t have to judge and criticize when we can be curious and open to different perspectives. We don’t have to blame others, we can powerfully own where we are a part of an existing dynamic that needs to be changed. We don’t have to be fixed and “right” when we can transform and understand in a different way. We don’t need to stay fixed, we can expand our consciousness and choose endlessly. We are moving out of ego based, scarcity and binary ways of being and environments. We have been taught to fear each other and ourselves. We are waking up from this collective low vibrational dream.

I have been called to create such spaces for those who are willing to de-condition and align to their true and authentic selves, through awareness and exploration. I am hoping that more co-creators will join me as a circle member. If you are…

1. Waking up, de-conditioning, doing shadow or inner work.

2. You want to nurture others or who are in need of nurturing safe spaces for others.

3. You want compassionate and mindful beholders of your personal truth. (AKA…people who care and accept you)

4. You desire to experience a sense of belonging and shared humanity.

5. You want to make positive changes in the world and are dedicated to being a loving force in the world.

…you may want to join us!

It is important to me to create communities that reflect our collective beauty, and our highest visions of ourselves. A true community is a mosaic of diverse and beautiful souls all individual and whole in their beingness and specific in their strengths. When the light shines through our individually whole selves we create a beautiful composition, much like a prism, new colors emerge. It is through our individual understanding of our inherent wholeness that we can be most compassionate of others. Diverse spaces help us to recognize that nothing is “wrong” with our differences. We can be a community where we say “AND” more than “but” or “only.” We celebrate our differences and acknowledge when we want to know more and explore through curiosity. We acknowledge that we may not always see eye to eye, but we always default to loving kindness. Through this mindful creating of community, we create space for people to be their authentic selves, spaces of collaboration and celebration can occur. We know that all people are worthy of a life of joy and abundance. Our Circles of support and connection are divinely and energetically inspired and organically maintained by people who choose to love and accept all people.

Are you ready to join? To really start masterminding with people who are also dedicated to bringing more love, joy, compassion and grace to the world? There are three ways you can become a community member.

1. We have a standing opening group weekly. To join this group, there is a talk story session with Ellen prior. There is an energy exchange for this group experience.

2. Join my Facebook community – E. Wright Consulting to meet with others and connect to talk about such topics as wellness, acceptance, boundary setting, emotions, love and joyful living.

3. Also, starting in September, I will lead a weekly book club to discuss a book that focuses on self-acceptance, de-conditioning and joyful living. If you are interested in joining either community, please inquire below. There is an energy exchange for this group experience.

We would love for you to join us!

Much love,


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