Start with trust…

Blog post written immediately after my first Eyes Up Circle of Support!

I feel so honored and blessed by the way our first group began! We had a group of 4 people, and I gave the foundational information about the course, and we all had an opportunity to begin to explore what newly seeded idea we want to bring to the group for cultivation over the next 4 weeks.

What strikes me now, after completing the group was how many themes came up prior to the group starting in my own life that drew me to create this course and circle of support. I was inspired to do so and initially felt that I did not want to because I knew I already have so much on my plate. Once again, I listened and followed my inner guidance (higher knowing) and set the course date, the general topic and then started to advertise. I knew that the guidance to create this course was both for myself and for others.

This course and circle were inspired by my need to create a community that starts with an individual intention. I am learning to trust that my inner guidance may resonate with my heart (but may not make sense to my conditioned mind) but will ultimately guide me to where I want to be. Sometimes taking the leap without knowing the next step is crucial to our well-being. Yet, in this world, where it is not safe and we are not affirmed, sometimes taking that risk can be scary. I am learning how to accept more, even with discomfort. My intention is that others feel safe and secure in the presence of others to be who they are knowing they will be accepted. The key is to be present. Just make the next step and pause when needed.

In absolute appreciation,


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