Eyes Up Community Circle

An experience…

I am launching my next community course and circle on July 11th, 2022 and concluding it on my birthday! For 4 weeks, circle members will complete introspective and playful activities individually and as a group. The goal of this course is to develop greater inner clarity and focus while being in connection with others. Finding balance between my inner and outer worlds, has been particularly challenging as I have been dedicated to living life with freedom and ease…and look where the outer world is right now?!?

The Community Circle offers:

  • Service to self & others
  • Witness to self & others
  • Connection
  • ️Shared Humanity
  • Inner Balance & Well Being
  • Focusing
  • How will this be a unique experience?

The community circle will be a dynamic experience where there are different ways of engaging and receiving support. I am to be holistic in nature and assist people in seeing their whole selves. As a part of this journey, we will have the following components:

  • ️90 min Sunday zoom circle (with collective energy work, meditation, sharing and divine mind cultivation)
  • ️Weekly inner work (through a series of journal opportunities, playful promptings and authentic activities)
  • ️Body centered work (through breathwork, guided meditation, vagus nerve activation, energy work, and tapping)
  • ️Weekly Inspiration and Support (through a community board where participants can share inspirations and support fellow circle members through messages and affirmations)
  • ️Creating a growth community with like minds. (through the overall ability to make space for and be a safe harbor for others in the circle.)

Email me: ewrightconsulting@gmail.com for invitation!

The fee for the 4 week course is $44.44 payable through Paypal, Venmo, and Cashapp

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