The Lotus by Ellen S. Wright


By Ellen S. Wright 2018


In muddled onyx water

Chaotic sand and silt

Up and out of murky wonder

you were contemplated in obsidian solitude

You were twisted upon yourself

in sinous form

Aching to reach the bounty of sun.


Above uncertain formations

buzzing beauties and

brimming with the twinkle of water droplets

you discover that you are gloriously alive.

The promised hope of expansion drives your emergence.

I am in awe.

Open then-

with strength

…and courage

knowing you have endured

the darkness of a 1,000 days.


Your wide petals splayed out in wisdom


“Come to me…


be at peace for a while…

I have come to show your the miracle

of those born in the forgotten places.”


in this moment

-this now-

where the quiet unknown

is no longer your home

yet still feeds your roots.

Blessed are you that shows the world

the how to transmute darkness

into light.

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