On Remodeling

About$600,000I had an inspired thought this evening…maybe me loving me looks unloving towards me. Maybe the process is having gone through trauma after trauma and living through it doesn’t look attractive. Survival does not look pretty. Nor does it feel welcoming sometimes. But survival has been a part of my process. Gaining weight, eating/drinking things not helpful for my body, being in a low vibration and not getting enough exercise. These things do not look good and certainly do not feel good. But they are the fire…the discomfort I personally needed to recognize that the old traumas should be uncovered, analyzed and transmuted. The transmutation part is beautiful…it is love. For me, it’s the ability to uncover the pain, find the Source and get down to the true inner workings of me. For me expansion is this process. It’s like remodeling a house.

I had to tear down the internal structure to the studs to completely rebuild. Anyone who has ever remodeled anything knows, it looks worse before it looks better. And in the past, I didnt want to tear down the rotten walls. I simply decorated the outside and waited for the whole house me to come tumbling down. Now I see the beauty of my deconstructed house. Its exciting to determine what is me and what isn’t me as I rebuild.

I see me. My vision is beyond what I may look or act like. It is focused on the magnificence of the Creator spirit within me.

So, I appreciate those who have imperfect, low vibes and difficult stories yet still find the beauty underneath. And do not regret the warrior marks…they are character. I want people around me like that…those who know the bittersweetness of struggle. Those who have vision beyond the physical. Those people to me, are the most marvelous creatures walking the earth. The ones who dare greatly to be their unpolished, imperfect yet absolutely perfect selves. – Ellen #beinglove #highvibration #lowvibration #vision#deeperthanphysical #beyondego #building #reconstrction #trauma #love#spiritwarriors #imperfection


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