School Based Coaching & Consulting Services

School Based Coaching 

One-on-One Coaching for Parents

Parents who would like to learn parenting skills to assist them with their children’s behavior in and out of school.  I provide education and strategies to aid you in supporting your child and creating a peaceful home environment. Coaching sessions are 60-90 minutes.

One-on-One Coaching for Teachers

I offer coaching sessions for new and seasoned teachers who would like to have specific and tailored strategies for working with children and adolescents in their classes.  Within this coaching, I offer additional ways to manage stress and maintain overall personal wellness. Coaching sessions are 60-90 minutes.

School and Medical Practice Consulting

  • Comprehensive screenings for schools.   This consulting service provides school administrators matching student needs with the appropriate supports/services. Educators can utilize screening methods to identify youth before they become discipline referrals.  I work collaboratively with teachers and administrators in gathering information and then provide a report of the level of need and potential services for each student screened.  Possible Instruments utilized: Teacher nomination form with concerning behaviors, Strengths & Difficulties Questionnaire, Student Engagement Instrument, Pediatric Symptoms Checklist, & Trauma Exposure Checklist.
  • Screening training for pediatric and family medicine practices.  With this consulting service, I offer training on free and evidenced based screening measures to use with families and children within your medical practice.  Possible instruments utilized: Pediatric Symptoms Checklist & Trauma Exposure Checklist
  • Consulting for School Counselors.  I offer individualized consulting for school counselors to learn non-traditional techniques to approaching students with adverse childhood experiences.  Within this consulting, I can also assist Counselors in prioritizing the needs of students and assisting with potential screenings for at risk students.

Webinars/On-line Coaching

For those individuals who would like to participate in any of the personal coaching and/or workshops and find it difficult to travel, I offer services online.


For those who are interested in becoming trained in trauma informed care practices, neurobiology, non-traditional body centered practices and comprehensives screenings- I offer monthly webinars that can include up to 9 people. The webinars are interactive conferences to assist with helping generate specific strategies for your organization. Webinars are 60 minutes and the fee is determined by the number of participants.

On-line Personal Coaching- 

Through online personal coaching, I collaborate with helping professionals remotely through an online platform to discuss particular concerns about student behavior and offer strategies. Coaching sessions are 60 minutes.